Plinths and Displays

Display solutions for exhibitions and interpretive presentations

Plinths for any occasion

Stainless Steel Plinths

Custom built Plinths. Welded and polished.

Canter lever plinths

Mobile Plinth

Fitted with hidden and lockable Castors for fast manoeuvrability.

Modular Barriers

Constructed into 1.2m sections to enable multiple arrangements.

Fixing to Heritage listed buildings

This practice is challenging. Sadly, damage can be done all too easily. Often the damage can beĀ  irreversable. This task should never be attempted by the un-initiated. Skill for Art specialises in tricky situations such as these.

Lost City Display

White fins constructed by Skill for Art

Domestic tables

Mozaic and Angle Iron table
Steel and timber table
Hardwood Television unit